Tac Pro Patrolman Rifle Review

Range Report – Tac Pro CQB – Patrolman’s Rifle MOE package

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For the last 5 months I have been spending time at practice, on hunting trips, and every possible moment shooting the Tac Pro rifle I won from our TXLE Multigun Championship last year donated by Tac Pro Shooting Center. After getting the rifle in hand, I did a short write up on my first impressions of it in Unboxing Tac Pro CQB – Patrolman’s Rifle MOE Package. Now that I have had plenty of trigger time behind this rifle, I can honestly say I am very impressed and pleased with this rifle’s overall performance. In this range report, I am going to cover reliability, accuracy, and the overall performance of the rifle.

Tac Pro Patrolman Rifle Review

To date, I have several thousand rounds through the rifle in all weather conditions, both suppressed and unsuppressed. The first few months of owning the rifle, I shot it exactly as it came. I zero’d my irons at 25 yards and began shooting. The first few sessions I took the rifle out, I was sure to clean and oil the rifle as soon as I got home. There wasn’t a single hiccup. At this point, I decided to press my luck and see how much I could push the rifle before I ran into reliability issues. I stopped cleaning the rifle and did nothing more than add Slip 2000 after every time I shot the rifle to keep it wet. The rifle has just kept running. In fact, the only failure I have had so far with this rifle was a failure to feed after running an entire practice session suppressed in a very windy, sandy environment. Once I cleared the malfunction and finished the drill, I went back, checked for any sort of breakage on the rifle and just added more Slip 2000. So far the conditions I have run this rifle in have been hot, very windy with lots of sand and dust, all the way to near freezing with a steady rain. The rifle runs. In addition, with the NiB coating on the bolt carrier group, all the junk that builds up from shooting (especially when suppressed) is easily wiped away. This has given me complete confidence in this rifle. I would not hesitate to pick it up and take it to a multigun or rifle match, or grab it to go hunt. Regardless of environment or the amount of effort I put into cleaning this rifle, as long as I keep adding oil, the rifle is going to function and that is very comforting since I currently seem to be spinning lots of plates but am not as meticulous as I once was in my weapon maintenance.p>

Tac Pro Patrolman Rifle Review

The rifle came with a set of Magpul’s MBUIS, and I had no problems making hits on 4 MOA targets out to 300 yards (300 yards being the furthest distance available when I had the opportunity to shoot). With just iron sights, this rifle is still quite capable; however, I had initially planned to use this rifle as a ranch rifle and knew from the go that I would want a magnified optic for it. After spending some time just shooting the rifle as it came to me, I decided to put Leupold’s Mark AR Mod 1 1.5-4×20 with the SPR Firedot reticle. This optic was lightweight and affordable with a reticle and magnification that I was looking for. With this rifle and scope combination, I can routinely bang steel out to 480 yards. The 1.5x is low enough I can still get on the trigger and make fast hits in rapid succession. At our last practice session, I managed to run double taps on 4 Larue Tactical Fast Targets at approximately 75 yards from low ready in 5 seconds even. It’s hard to truly know the level of accuracy this rifle is capable of with only a 4x optic; however, with my reloads using a 69grn Hornady BTHP I was able to achieve sub MOA groupings with 5 shot groups.

At this same practice, the APDMT spent some time running drills off a Vtac barricade to help prepare for the Police Olympics coming up in June. Even from working the barricade and shooting positions, I had no issues hitting 6″ plates in rapid succession. Some things I quickly noticed and began to appreciate while running these drills were basic design features of the rifle. The handguard is squared and this made it easy to trap the handguard and get a stable shooting platform. In addition, the length of the handguard, 12 inches, is a great balance between length and weight. The handguard is long enough to have a strong/aggressive shooting stance and easy to brace on barricades, but still light and slim. The midlength gas system really keeps the already light recoil of .223/5.56 hardly noticeable which translates to faster splits and transitions. To allow me to use my SureFire 556-212 suppressor, I swapped the flash hider that came installed with a SureFire MB556K compensator. This has certainly helped with recoil management also.

Tac Pro Patrolman's Rifle Review

I currently have the rifle set up with this compensator so I can run my suppressor, the Leupold optic, a Magpul STR stock, a Seekins Billet Mag release button, a BAD-ASS safety selector and a 2 stage trigger a friend gave me that has now been in several rifles secured with KNS pins. With the rifle’s current set up, I think it makes a great 3 gun rifle or ranch rifle. Frankly, if I am going to go shoot I want to bring this rifle with me. It’s light, accurate, reliable and fast on target. To this point, I have yet to find something I didn’t like about the rifle. Some of you might call me out on that statement and point to the parts swapping; however, I don’t know of anyone shooting an AR platform rifle who doesn’t change parts out. It’s hard not to do, and every rifle has the potential to be “upgraded.”

As the rifle came, it was extremely capable and hands down met the standards you would would expect from a Patrolman’s rifle. There are plenty of patrolmen like myself who would be thrilled to carry such a high quality rifle while on patrol. I am extremely pleased I ended up with this rifle.

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